Intstitue os Geomatics and Civil Engineering

Main campus (Bajcsy street), Building: B, 2nd floor

Tel.: +36 99/518-109, 99/518-123; e-mail: gevi[at]


The Institute teaches the classical disciplines of civil engineering that are required for a conscientious performance of forestry, environmental protection and nature conservation. The Department of Surveying and Remote Sensing is concerned with GIS (Geographical Information System), as well as geodesy, land surveying and remote sensing. The Department of Forest Opening-up teaches planning, construction and maintenance of the access chain (i.e. forest roads, narrow gauge railways) and civil engineering. The Department of Water Management teaches hydrology, water utilization and protection against floods, required for the conservation and protection of waters and for the improvement of hydrological environments. The Institute's mission is to provide knowledge that can reduce conflicts between engineering activities and ecological demands to the minimum, and to teach skills of recording and modelling impacts of engineering intervention.