Foreign Language Centre

Erzsébet campus (Cházár A. sqr.), Building: P, 2nd floor

Tel.: 99/511-190; e-mail: inyk[at]


At the language centre English and German are the two major subjects. In addition to everyday language usage and general communication topics, the students can learn technical terminology of forestry, wildlife and the environment, hunting, woodworking and economics.

The Institute stands on three pillars. Its primary scope is teaching from books edited by national publishers or from curriculum materials developed by the staff of the language centre. Professional activities of the Foreign Language Centre were graded excellent by the Hungarian Accreditation Committee in the accreditation process of 2007. The certification of language knowledge is an important pillar. The Foreign Language Centre of the University is an examination centre of five accredited language examinations: ITK Origo Hungary, TELC (The European Language Certificates) and OSD (Österreichisches Sprachdiplom) international general, and OECONOM and GREEN WAY business language examinations.

The University Language School, operated by The Foreign Language Centre, is the third important part of the centre’s professional work. In addition to courses and language training for the public, the range of corporate clients is increasing. With an improved IT infrastructure, using the Internet,  the language centre offers modern conditions for students and examinees.