Institute of Chemistry and Forest Sites

Main campus (Bajcsy street), Building: C, 2nd floor

Tel.: +36 99/518-175, 99/518-249;

The Institute performs extensive educational and research both at the Faculty of Forestry and the Faculty of Wood Sciences. Its educational functions include teaching basic subjects (organic and inorganic chemistry, geology, soil science) and chemistry, concerning wood sciences, as well as subjects related to forest sites (biochemistry, analytical chemistry, wood chemistry, physical chemistry, polymer chemistry, environmental chemistry, ecotoxicology, soil protection, soil biology, microbiology, organic nutrient cycles of ecological systems).

The Institute has significant R&D and innovation work, carried out in cooperation with national and international research groups. Its main research fields are plant chemistry - biochemistry and wood chemistry, environmental chemistry, analyses of nutrient cycles in forest stands and descriptions of forest sites on boundary areas and of forest reserves.