Institute of Mathematics

Main campus (Bajcsy street), Building: F, 2nd floor

Tel.: +36 99/518-168;


The predecessor of the Institute of Mathematics was established as the second department at the Mining Academy in Selmecbánya, in 1765. Projective geometry became part of the instruction of the department in 1839. Although its denomination has changed with the time, since 1987, this institute has been teaching mathematics, projective geometry, other types of geometry for the faculties of Forestry and Wood Sciences.

The BSc courses teach the principles of mathematics, statistics, projective geometry and geometry necessary to ground the studies. In the MSc courses, applied mathematics, biometrics, technical drawing and projective geometry are taught in accordance with course requirements. The Institute is also involved in the PhD programs with several subjects, such as applied mathematical methods, applied geometry, planning and evaluation of experiments and biometrics.

Research areas of the Institute are both basic research (geometry, analysis, mathematics, and didactics) and applied research (mathematical statistics for forestry and wood industry research, data mining, and vegetation research).